Why does this blog exist?


I am constantly asked questions like “what is the most important thing to know for first time home buyers”, “what should I know before buying a home”, or “how do I sell my home fast”. My answer, more than I can tell you in the next 2 minutes. In an effort to stream line the process, I have started this little blog. Hopefully it will be a resource that people can visit to pick and choose the subjects that most concern them when buying, selling, investing in, or having a career in real estate. I will be answering both direct questions and also questions that I just happen to hear over and over and over from people who think no one else has asked them before. Real estate is my job. It’s not part-time, it’s not a hobby, it’s how I feed my family and what I do every day. It’s also a passion. I love helping people buy and sell real estate. I love teaching people about real estate, whether it is a first time home buyer or someone who has been investing in real estate for years. It is constantly changing and no two transactions are the same. It is exciting. It is stressful. It can be fun. It is not for the lazy and it is not a quick way to make a ton of money. Anyone is welcome to request topics they would like to read about. Feel free to comment, share with friends, or make fun of my poor grammar and typos. Most of all, I hope you will enjoy it and join me on this journey. You can find me most places:

Facebook: Brad Buczkowski

Twitter: @iambradb

Periscope: iambradb

Interweb: www.brad.selling-greenville.com

Carrier Pigeon: Green quadrant, section 8b


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