About Me

Brad was born and raised in the greater Greenville area. While he has traveled and lived in many places his travels have always led him back to the home he loves in Greenville, SC, where he now lives with his wife Lauren and their three boys Benjamin, Caleb, and Elijah. When Lauren was pregnant with their first son, they bought their first home without the help of a real estate agent and made some huge mistakes. When it was time for their next move, they had bad experiences with a couple of different agents. These trying experiences are what led Brad to start a career in real estate. He believes that buying or selling a home is an important decision. Many times the transaction can become emotional and stressful. His goal is to take that pressure off your shoulders so that you are able to make the best decision for your future, while enjoying the process. He realizes that having a quality Realtor on your side can make all the difference.


“I am passionate about real estate and helping others. I love to empower people through education to accomplish their real estate dreams.” – Brad

P.S.I prefer pictures that aren’t perfect because I think it reflects real life much better. So here is a picture of me half laughing, my wife with her eyes closed, my youngest yelling at someone or something, my middle son looking nervous, and my oldest in the middle.. well he actually looks pretty good.